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Your Wrist

Your Wrist

Your wrists allow you to have full movement of your hands. Within your wrist, you have ligaments that help provide stability in movement. If you injure these ligaments, you may loose normal mobility and may also experience pain and swelling. Healthy wrists and hands are vital to an active lifestyle.

Anatomy of the Wrist & Hand

Healthy wrists provide optimum hand and finger movement, but when a wrist is injured, it can greatly hinder the body's flexibility.

Your Wrist and Hand is comprised of:
  • Carpals, Metacarpals, and Phalanges - bones of the hand and wrist
  • Transverse Carpal Ligament - the tissue which comprises the heel of your hand
  • Median Nerve - the nerve which carries sensations to most of your fingers
  • Ulnar Nerve - transmit impulses from the brain and helps create movement and sensation
  • Flexor Tendons - tendons which allow you to smoothly move your fingers and grasp objects
  • Radius & Ulna - two bones of the lower arm that meet at the hand to form the wrist

Injuries can result from twisting, falling, direct contact, and repetitive movement. Treatment is often necessary to regain proper function.

Your Wrist

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