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Your Shoulder

Your Shoulder

Your shoulders allow you to perform many of your daily activities. Within your shoulder, you have ligaments that help provide stability in movement. If you injure these ligaments, you may loose normal mobility and may also experience pain and swelling. Healthy shoulders are vital to an active lifestyle.

Anatomy of the Shoulder

Your Shoulder:
Healthy shoulders provide optimum arm movement, but when a shoulder is injured, it can greatly hinder the body's flexibility. Because of the anatomy of the shoulder, it is vulnerable to injury and malfunction.

Your Shoulder is comprised of:
  • Scapula - the shoulder blade
  • Acromion - the top part of the shoulder blade
  • Humerus - the upper part of the arm bone
  • Various muscles & tendons
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Bursa - a fluid-like sac that lies directly under the acromion.

If a shoulder is healthy, the bursa works to reduce friction between the bones and soft-tissues of the joint. Each of the bones inside the shoulder is covered with cartilage which helps to reduce friction when moving.

Your Shoulder


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