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Sprained ankles are
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Non Surgical Treatment

Knee injuries can result from twisting, falling, or direct contact. Ligament injuries are common in sports like football, soccer, and basketball. However, knee injuries can occur in many other instances. Surgery is often necessary to regain proper function.

Steps to Recovery
Steps to Recovery

Step 1 Physical Evaluation
Step one is to have your knee evaluated by a physician. The physician will consider your symptoms and conduct a physical exam to evaluate your knee's strength, stability, and range-of-motion. X-rays, MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and additional tests may be required to show internal injuries. Based on your examination, your physician will let you know if surgery is necessary or if exercise (whether at home or through an external physical therapy facility) would suffice to improve your knee's function..

Steps to Recovery

X-rays are used to detect bone injuries & malfunctions

Steps to Recovery

MRIs are used to detect soft tissue & bone damage & malfunction

Step 2 Ice, Elevation, Medication
Your physician will instruct you to ice and elevate your leg to reduce pain and swelling. Icing and elevating your knee at least 3-5 times a day for 20 minute intervals. At the same time, your physician may prescribe medications to aide in your recovery and ease your pain. Do not exceed the amount prescribed without first receiving approval from your physician. Exceeding the prescribed dosage is dangerous and can lead to numerous health hazards and even death.

Step 3 Exercise and Physical Therapy
Physical therapy and/or home exercise may be suggested by your physician. These exercises are designed to slowly strengthen your knee and increase it's range of motion. The speediness of your recovery will greatly depend on how dedicated you are to following your physician's recommendations. Your physician may also suggest that you use a brace and/or crutches until your knee is stronger.


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